Disassembler for FIRST

Disassembler for PIC18F6520/8520/6620/8620/6720/8720 in php
I have completed my most recent project to an extent, I have entered in all machine functions and I have posted it on the internet in a php script.
Goto http://bobfrank.org/disasm.php and upload your .hex file and you can see the disassembly of it.:cool:

Enjoy it :), soon enough I will be adding more features, such as special file registers (PORTJ, LATJ, TRISJ, etc…) in place of the numbers above 0xF00

Oops, almost forgot, you can find the documentation that I used for this disassembler at http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/39609b.pdf so you know what I am talking about

That is so cool… :smiley:

Wow… would have never thought of doing that in PHP. Nice work. Very nice work.

Well the reason I did it in PHP is because php is much easier to code in, and I know it a lot better than any other language.
I do plan on converting it to c or maybe c++ after I add in the special file register names to replace the numbers with movff opcodes and such.
But because I need to study for my AP tests, and do an eagle project, that may not be until late, like august or september, this year.

There’s also a disassembler written in Python, called picdis18. There’s also a stand-alone EXE version available on there.