Disaster of a QF3 tiebreaker

I’ll start off with a quick disclaimer: this was in no way anybody’s fault. It wasn’t the ref’s and it wasn’t 6112’s fault.

This also just so happens to be my favorite match to watch.
Link to the twitch stream bc FiM is weird: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/396551477?t=43m20s
So watching the match, the first thing that you will notice is how sick 857 looks coming off of hab 2. Ok, probably not. If you watch 6112 and the refs, you notice 6112 is stuck on the other side with their intake out. Penalties. 45 points of em. But the head ref had to call in the other ref b/c his arm was tired. This caused them to miss 2 points. (Still would have lost the match, so not a big deal.) 857 scored 5 hatches in the match, but only recorded 4. 6088 was actually getting pretty good defense played on them throughout the match. (Good defense was rare at this event). The score card is displayed below.

Again, this was nobody’s fault. Just a bunch of small mishaps that added up.

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Another thing you notice is that the head ref doesn’t wave a Red flag after each 5 count. Did he not have a flag?

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I noticed that too, idk. I think he had one, just forgot to wave it.

If he had been waving a flag, the driver might have known who he was penalizing. IDK.


They were having battery problems, they knew the penalty, and couldn’t do anything about it

I think the head ref had the other ref call it not because he was tired but to hopefully get the attention of the team.

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Maybe. I never thought of it like that…

Fouls should be assessed on everyone with a microphone for screaming.

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