Disc Throwing

Are there any exceptions as to where you can throw discs from?

As of the Kickoff revision of the rules, no. Legally speaking. Practically speaking? That’s a whole other issue.

EDIT: I thought you meant robots. For Humans, you can’t throw except for the last 30 seconds. Otherwise, discs must go through the feeder slots. And in the last 30 secs, only over the wall.

Is there any rule about bringing something into the feeder station with you? Some shorter feeders might be able to take advantage of a box that they could stand on…:ahh:

In the past, that has been explicitly forbidden.

It is also difficult to throw a frisbee without good footing.

I think the question is during the last 30 seconds of play, do discs which human players throw over have to go directly over the feeding station?

A OI flick would go over the side netting curving back into the playing field. A OI back hand would go over the back driver station wall, and curve into the field.

Would throws like these be legal under the current rules?

i saw nothing in the rules specifying how disks could be thrown.

Actually, I believe the rules specify over the wall for throws, not around the side of the walls.

G35: DISCS may be fed onto the FIELD only under the following circumstances:
A. during TELEOP through the FEEDER SLOTS and
B. during the last thirty (30) seconds of TELEOP **over **the FEEDER STATIONS.
Violation: FOUL