DiscoBots 2587 Showcase 2013

Introducing Disk Jockey:

Full size image here:

Showcase Video:


6 wheel drive
31.5 x 23.5 inch chassis
8 feet per second top speed
Drivetrain powered by 6 CIM motors.

2 Motor linear shooter
6000 RPM standard shot speed

10 point hanging
custom laser-cut sheet metal shooter

Good luck to all teams out there. See you on the field!

Sweet! Bonus 57 footage!

Also a nice looking robot there. Serious question: why the exposed electronics on those angled surfaces? All the open space inside the base seems like it’d make more sense for a lower CG and less risk of a stray frisbee knocking your brains out. Were you planning a pickup that hasn’t materialized yet?


The electronics are on the outside because of our collector, which was not shown in the video, goes on the inside. Also, there is a thick lexan shield protecting the electronics plates that was removed for filming and photos.

Great robot this year you guys! looking forward to seeing y’all at Alamo! ps great music choice

Nicely Done. We look forward to seeing you at Lone Star this year.

Great robot as always. Lone Star is stacked this year. The eliminations matches are going to be intense.

Looks like another great bot from y’all! Can’t wait to see it in a little over a weak! :]

It was great to see 704 again at Lone Star. We enjoyed winning Lone Star Regional with you guys in 2009. That is also the last year that 118 has NOT won the regional.

Well, Kevin after that rough hit by 2789 in the 2nd finals match. It turns out we are going to lower the CG for Alamo.

Given that we were the main target for defensive robot for most of our matches. We have also started working on shifting gearboxes for our withholding allowance. If you are interested in seeing our practice bot running with the newly designed 6-motor shifters. Then Like us on Facebook, if we get to 200 we will post a video.

See everyone at Alamo in a couple days

Andy I could have sworn I saw a video of y’alls 3 motor shifter somewhere and it looks NASTY!!! (nasty in a good way haha). I’m super excited to see 2587 in Alamo soon!