DiscoBots - Mid Season 2013

Here’s our work for the last three weeks

Shooter specs:
2 banebots 3-7/8 wheels , bagmotors to versa 1:1

VexPro Drivetrain :
6:1 single speed (6-motor) , 12:24 sprockets

Demos & Events(during build season ! ):
Houston Maker Faire, HoustonISD VEX League

I love seeing this teams updates and what there up to. Last year when I saw another disco team I thought It was so funny, and cool. (I’m on team 1099, the DiscoTechs)

Your robot looks quite sporty. Looking forward to seeing you in Houston.

Hey Andy speaking of vex I don’t see y’all on the robot events page for Austin Vex. Are the disco bots not coming to Austin vex this year?