Disconnecting the engine from the pole

Our team is currently working on finding a way to release a rubber band after it is fully streched. We think we can pull the rubber band back by wrapping it around an axle connected to an engine. We are now trying to figure out how to seperate the engine from the axle for it to spin freely.
We were rookies last year and we still don’t have alot of engineering knowledge so we wondered if there is a known mechanism to do so.
Thank you.

It looks like you’re looking to engage/disengage a clutch.
Research dog gears, perhaps 1114’s much-publicized 2008 winch system.

I assume by engine you mean motor. Your best bet is to find some kind of small electronic clutch or selectable locking differential. Wish I could tell you where to get one though…

See this thread:


Can you please elaborate? I’ve tryed looking and dog gears, including the one on Andymark’s super shifter and I cant seem to find how does dog gear works?

Disengaging a dog gear from the engine would involve shifting it horzontally to release the tension in the gearbox. 3132 is trying to do this by using a servo mechanism, but we’re having trouble determining whether this would damage the gears or not.