The robot is disconnecting, turning the lights red rapidly in the driver station and then it starts by itself.

Do you mean the Robot Code light in the Driver Station?
Like when the code crashes and restarts, crashes, restarts?

The communication light

So the Communications light goes completely red, then completely green, then all red, all green, never settling down?
There is a half green state it can be in, but that’s okay and doesn’t affect normal operations.

Are the status lights on the roboRIO itself changing?

yes it gets half red and green, dont know if the robo rio lights change. But when using the robot and moving the drivetrain foward, it stops and goes as the lights in the driver station change.

Well, the two halves of the comms light in the DS are for TCP and UDP, so half-red means that either TCP or UDP isn’t working. I would usually expect that to be a firewall issue, but since control is working to an extent here, I’m not sure that it’s the cause. Of course, the indicator could also be inconsistent - I don’t remember exactly how it works.

Dacosta, a few more questions:

  • What exactly does the communication light look like before you start driving, when the robot is moving, and when it’s stopped?
  • What’s the battery voltage reported in the DS, both when you aren’t moving and when the issue occurs? Do you see a brownout warning?
  • You said you “don’t know” what the RoboRIO status lights are doing - can you try to figure that out? Maybe put the robot on blocks or something if you can’t get a good look at it when it’s moving.
  • Do the lights in the diagnostics tab (second tab down on the left) change when the issue happens?

If you can upload a driver station log file somewhere from when this happens, that might help. You can get to it with “view log file” under the gear icon, or For the 2020 season software documentation has been moved to https://docs.wpilib.org. Documentation for KOP items can still be found here. | FRC KOP Documentation

Does the battery voltage readout on the Driver Station app flicker red as well?

Is this with the laptop that was used during the regular competition season? Have you tested it with multiple different laptops?
(Both of these would help eliminate the PC as a cause)

Have you tested with a different battery?
(Eliminating the battery as a cause)

Have you checked the battery and all the power path connections from the battery/wires/terminals/PDP/roboRIO?
(Eliminating loose connections as the cause.)

For basic robot operation we only need the UDP half green.
TCP would be more important if FMS was connected.