Discord and FIRST YPP Best Practices

I’m really confused. Which trainings are you talking about? This page provides lots of resources, many of which don’t require a sign in.

I think the only way to get a certificate for the YPP training is through Bluevolt, which does present some of the issues you identified (international access, access for minors, loading time). The deadname issue in Bluevolt has been reported before, I’m not sure if there are any updates on this, but I do know FIRST has been working on making the preferred name appear in more and more systems.

That said, I think the majority of the barriers you outlined are non-issues. If you think there are problems with the EDI training, I encourage you to reach out to [email protected], and if you think there are problems with the YPP training, reach out to [email protected]. I’ve found folks at HQ to particularly responsive to requests for expanded training access and appreciative for feedback from someone trying to access resources. They invest a lot of time and money into these things and want them to work for all.