Discord Server Templates

Hello I made a quick template for discord for any team that wants to try out swapping over.

If anyone else have templates they would like to share, please do so.

I don’t think I’d recommend putting emoji in text channel names, but otherwise looks nice!

(I’m also more a fan of “glass house” channels for leadership where everyone can see, but only the relevant parties can talk, but that’s more my preference/my former team’s MO than anything else.)


Yeah I’d definitely recommend removing the emojis if you added more channels. My biggest issue with them is that they make servers feel messy if the same ones are used a lot or if some Channels don’t have any. Personally I like smaller servers with emojis, but I understand the issues with them.

I recommend making a message like this in the info section and updating it when you add a role or an important channel.

Welcome to the [Insert team name here] Official Discord Server!!!

-New to discord? Have a conversation in #random-discussion
-general-work is for anything relating to the team as a whole.
-Make sure to set your nickname as your real name.
-@ everyone has a role depending on what they do on the team:

@ Team Captain - The current elected lead representative of the team.
@ Leads - Heads of sub-teams who are responsible for leading each team.
@ Seniors - The 12th grade veteran members of the team, simple.
@ Mentors - The adult guides of the team.

@ Programming - Subteam focused on coding the robots.
@ Electrical - Subteam focused on putting control systems on the robots.
@ Mechanical - Subteam focused on building the frame of the robot.
@ CAD/Design - Subteam focused on designing the robot.

@ Parents - The parents of current team members/alumni.
@ Alumni - Members of the team that have graduated.
@ Outreach/Business - Members that work to set up events, manage funds and present for team awards.
@ 1st Years - Members with very little experience in FRC robotics.

hard disagree – a lot of sensitive matters are often discussed in leadership channels, and in my experience leadership should be the only one discussing those issues, to prevent that from negatively affecting the experience of other members: i.e. parent issues, students overworking themselves, mentors having a different goal for the program & different ideas on how to run it, etc., and tbh every student on the team would be stressed a lot more if they had to deal with that stuff, so we just keep that the responsibility of dealing with said issues to leadership, to ensure a more enjoyable and welcoming environment for newer members