Discover Roborio failed

We are trying to deploy the code but error appear everytime(URL)
however, we are abe to connect it through all other tools ex imaging, DS, phoneix Tunner or pinging on website
What have we done wrong…

Have you imaged the roborio with the latest 2021 image? It looks to be failing to grab an image version, which usually only happens on an improperly imaged rio. Try reimaging the rio and see what happens.

yea just tried reformat, i am curious is imaging ver20.0 the newest?

2021_v3.x is the newest image version (I don’t remember the exact suffix). It comes with the latest 2021 game tools from NI.

then yes i am in the newest version

look like you’re connecting using the USB cable. Try another USB connection on your PC? I also noticed that you have your PC’s settings (and security) opened in the background (taskbar). Are you running any updates - system or security? Is there an unfinished patch waiting for a reboot of the PC to continue? In my experience, often, if the PC is waiting for a reboot to finish updating, there’s always something funny going on with the network stack.

other thing to be sure: your VS.Code/WPILIB and the RoboRIO are all on the same version?

I had that open cuz I have just turned off the firewall, I had vscode eve at beta version and updated roborio for serval times

Or how do I check if they are in the same version

I usually just go to WPILib Installation Guide — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation. once installed that way, there’s the Update that you can do with within VS.Code itself. [the WPILIB installed version of VS.Code is not in the general path and is specific to WPILIB].

That’s where I download as well…

Couple more things to try:

  1. Disconnect the RoboRIO from the Radio since you are using the USB connect to it from your PC.
  2. Have you tried power cycling the RoboRIO before trying to deploy code? (as in make sure it’s not stuck in some weird state).
  3. Closed down all the other FRC Utilities just to make sure that one of those weren’t stuck at an incompleted state.
  4. Are there any other error on the previous ‘screen’ on the output log from the terminal?

Just to clarify, this isn’t a beta project, right? In build.gradle what is the GradleRIO version?

Cuz we are a rookie and only two remaining member(including me) plus the coach left. We are using the PacBot code from team 118 everybot(both code and cad)

It says version 2020.2.2

No other error but we gonna try all of ur suggestion tmr, thank you so much~

You can’t use a 2020 version of wpilib with a 2021 image, which is what appears to be happening.

I will try to download the 2021 version as soon as possible, thanks~

Here’s the official install guide. Follow it closely and it should resolve difference in 2021 vs 2020 images on the Rio or laptop. Step 2: Installing Software — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation

It’s actually the version of gtadleRIO, instead, we had the vs code at 2021.3.1 version…

The VSCode extension version isn’t the same as the WPILib version. You’ll need to use the manual import process to get the code to build using the 2021 version of WPILib and GradleRIO to deploy to a 2021 image.

I have just copied everything I don’t have into the build.gradle file, hope everything gonna works well tmr