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Discover your FIRST personality with ROyal Assault’s personality quiz…

Let me know where you stand…

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FIRST Zealot :smiley:

it says I’m a First-a-holic.

Does that mean I’m addicted to firstahol?

*Originally posted by Katie Reynolds *
**FIRST Zealot :smiley: **

/me turns green with envy.


/me hunts for another 6-pack of FIRST-Ahol.

FIRST Zealot here…

was there ever any doubt? ;-]

first zealot.

FIRST Zealot!

So I’m not a total loss.:rolleyes:

Heh. Great quiz. First Zealot.

Would anybody who knows me be surprised that I rated FIRST zealot? No, I didn’t think so.

That quiz is how you say… I didn’t like it.



FIRST Zealot…

And why does the robot have to be a “he”? XD


verdeyw took my line.