Discovery Channel profiles Team 188

The Discovery Channel has been shadowing Team 188 throughout the 2006 season.

They are producing shorts that are being broadcast for “Daily Planet” - Discovery Channel’s daily news show.

To date, two shorts have aired, with a third being aired after the Greater Toronto Regional this weekend. Discovery Channel will be present at the Hershey Centre taking footage, so be sure to put on your best camera faces!

Here are links to the two shorts that have already aired:

Soooooo very cool!

There was a camera crew from the Canadian discovery channel at the Boston Regional do you know if this is for the same series?

good job guys

This is a great perspective of just how involved FIRST is!
It’s really great!
Congratulations guys!

SWEET!!! That was so cool. They need to do more in the US about FIRST. Getting FIRST out there is the number one goal. This is great for you guy and girls.

Thats Awesome! Will they be at Nationals?

Great representation of the FIRST Program!

Very proud of what Team 188 offer in the video. Can’t wait to see the third video.

ROCK ON 188!


It’s odd seeing Steve without his hair spiked up and colored (oh I’m sorry. I mean coloured :stuck_out_tongue: ).

sits up surprised at seeing the British spelling of colour being typed by an American

And here I thought it was the Canadian thing to do (plus I’m Jamacian by marriage so I’m kinda sorta British :stuck_out_tongue: )

I believe the third part of this series was shown tonight at 7, repeat at 11pm i think

awesome you guys! : ]

Here’s the final instalment that the Discovery Channel aired:

What a great portrait of FIRST. Who wouldn’t want to join a FIRST team after watching that? Your team did a great job representing your struggles and excitement throughout the season. Ya did FIRST proud! Way to go. :wink:

That was some great coverage of your team and FIRST. Kinda funny that I wore my 188 shirt today and ended up running into these videos :rolleyes:.

Awesome! Discovery picked a great representative for FIRST.
Your spirit and Gracious Professionalism shows that Team 188 really “gets it”. On top of battling your way through a very competitive regional, you provided a lot of needed help to Team 4’s robot emergency, not to mention inviting us into your homes. Thanks for being terrific hosts and “allowing” the mentors to win the floor hockey game on Sunday!! See ya’ in LA next year…