Discs Anyone?

I have been thinking about how the last two years of scoring pieces have been everyday items that might be used in a sport. Balls cover many games, innertubes could represent a variety of items including horseshoes. The only real sports equipment that I can think of that this does not cover are darts, frisbees, and possibly a parbolic ball, such as the football. I will rule out the football because it is still a ball. Next, darts seem a bit too dangerous for FIRST. That leads me to believe that a disc like object would be ideal for next years game. What do you think? Tell me your opinions on next years game.

They used giant floppys during the first few years. But lets not start this new game thread, theres already to many of them. (But i expect there to be robots hanging off the ground next year.)

Didn’t they hang about 3 years ago?

There was hanging in 2000 and 2004, and maybe some other years before that


One of these years, the game piece will be an actual red herring.

Helena: Riddle? Riddle. So have you thought of an answer yet?
Gryphon: You can’'t pass. I give up, I think, no wait, wait… Fine. What’s the answer?
Helena: Okay. It’s a herring.
Gryphon: But a herring isn’t green.
Helena: You can paint it green.
Gryphon: But a herring doesn’t hang on a wall.
Helena: You can nail it to a wall.
Gryphon: But a herring doesn’t whistle.
Helena: Oh, come on. I just put that in to stop it from being too obvious.

Maybe next year our robots will be hungry

Actually, I think I heard the herring myth on a different thread a while back.



Coming up with novel game pieces is hard. As far as space figures go, there are spheres, prisms, toroids, and pyramids. Been there, done that. We’ve done balls in various sizes, from 7" to 30". I’m still holding out for the game that goes for something smaller… think golf balls or baseballs. Littering the field with tiny debris will demand much more finesse in driving, and could change the general trend that robot designs have taken in recent years.

Juggling robots?

Juggling robots? how about a robot riding a unicycle? (we’ve actually discussed how to do this at our house! talk about a wierd family)

Seems to me that big foam cubes are the next likely game piece…something square…maybe fuzzy dice?

I am surprised that dlavery would post so early, not to mention the fact that it is on a thread I started. I know this is off topic but this is an honor. Does he even know anything about next year’s game yet?

He’s probably scouting ideas right now…watch what you say! or your robot will have to juggle red herring next year

Dude, Dave Lavery is next year’s game.

So that’s the game! Dave Lavery mannequins will be the scoring objects complete with Hawaiian shirts. :cool:

It will be creepy, scary, and eerily satisfying for the symbolic revenge over the stresses of each year’s game.

Now there’s a game concept! Life size cardboard cut-out of Dave at mid-field – delicious, hot Krispy Kreme donuts pre-loaded on each 'bot – autonomous challenge is delivering the goodies. :smiley:

In teleoperation Dave juggles red herrings, and robots circle around him hoping to catch them …

(not sure how scoring would work?)

Either way I think 116 just charges at him with a hammer.

Hmmm… so we will have to build a robot with enough AI to figure out what exactly Dave is thinking, in 2:30???


I think it’ll be a water game…lol…:rolleyes:

Maybe we’ll have to save Dave before he drowns a herring. That seems like fun. But animal control might have a problem with it. lol.