Disney & Lockheed team up (in 1942!!) - Flush Riveting.

Four Methods of Flush Riveting
Talk about a blast from the past. This animated instructional video was released in 1942 for the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation, produced by none other than the Disney Studios. Take a peek at the four methods of flush riveting (specifically designed to reduce drag on aircraft) and consider this: this short film was the Disney Corporation’s first attempt to show the effectiveness of animation in training videos.

Pretty cool stuff. Flush Riveting 101!

Elgin nice video, shows a lot of neat stuff and I couln’t agree more that it is a nice use of animation to show a very cool process off. I also enjoy the animations NASA TV does now adays they are all very good visual aids. Finally I love seeing other aspects of FIRST come out in the real world other then engineering.

Nice post,

Makes me wonder how much drag a rivet causes on a FIRST robot. :slight_smile:

Pretty amazing stuff, and even more so when it was done in 1942.