Disney Quest Chicago Closed

Well, this shows yet again that I dont keep up with the news, but DisneyQuest Chicago closed permanently on September 4th, 2001.

There goes my senior skip day plans next year


…and plans for Disneyquest in Anaheim and Philadelphia have been put on hold indefinitely.

It’s very likely that the WDW Disneyquest is the only one that’ll exist from now on.

Yea… it sux the Philly one got put on “super-hold…” if everyone wasn’t so GREEDY… and they’d stop tryin to make a buck off Disney, they’d build one… its all good tho… We have Dave And Busters here in Philly… its like DisneyQuest… but with chillin pool tables and a bar for the older crowd…

dave and busters is awesome, but they dont like the youger kids running around without supervision, which means i have to watch the freshmen :frowning: well untill i pass them off to someone