Disney Uses Segway Mobility Platform for Next Generation Disney Entertainment


Beaker and Dr. Honeydew on a Segway mobility platform. Pretty cool stuff.

Here’s another article on it.


Aw you beat me to it. This is a really neat attraction and for a Muppets freak like me, a dream come true! But just think of the possibilities. As mentioned in the articles, Disney will now be able to bring any character to life, and have them interact with guests. Can’t wait to see Mike and Sully in person:D

Actually, it even says that the characters can be put on attractions and rides - I’m wondering if some day you may enter the car for Tower of Terror and end up sitting next to Roger Rabbit:ahh:

Well, Rodger isn’t around any more due to legal issues. They replaced with with the Genie on Spectromagic, etc.

Here’s another picture:


Here’s some more pictures and video…


Umm…AWESOME!!! I go to Disney Florida at the end of March- maybe they’ll be there…hopefully???