Display of Labview .vi on a website

We have been moving most of the details about our robots into our website http://wiki.team1640.com We’ve got the pictures where they can be seen, and documents in Adobe format to read them. Drawings have been either converted to jpeg or pfd format to make it readable by anyone.

C code from prior years is shown by either a .zip file or shown directly with color coding. Twitch Software in C

I’m looking for a common viewer format for .vi files for our Labview code. Any recommendations? We use mediawiki, but I should be able to fit other plugins.


See this thread (found by a quick Google search for labview viewer). There’s a report generation utility in LabVIEW that creates graphical displays of your VIs, you could make these as either webpages or PDFs. These combined with a zip archive of the VIs would create a similar setup to what you have now for C files.