Displaying Collected T-Shirts

As my collection of FRC T-Shirts grows, I thought I’d reach out to the community. Does anyone have suggestions on how to display t-shirts (Other than on one’s body).


T-Shirt quilt! I don’t have one myself, but I’ve known people who have made them in the past (not necessarily for FRC) and they all look pretty cool.


Frame them on a wall.

You can cut them and then stretch them over an art canvas, staple to the wood frame on the back, and then hang them on the wall.

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Have a competition where you get multiple people to see how many FRC shirts they can put on themselves in 1 minute. The only problem with this idea is that you said:

Would it still count though?

Also, this forum should probably be changed to be under chit chat.

You could make a blanket out of them, seen one team in detroit make one so big that when attached to the top of the bleachers it hit the tops of people’s heads below, although since I can still wear my shirts I prefer to just wear them sometimes people compliment the shirts and it’s kind of nice but that’s all I’ve got hope it helps!

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I’ve got most of our team shirts from 2010 to the present, and am planning to create a largw frame for them to display on the wall, similar I guess to how people display sports jerseys. Looking at methods, I will post here when I’ve decided.

An idea I’ve played with but never gotten around to is getting shirt frames (like how one would display a sports jersey) and just putting FRC shirts in them.

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Oh that’s pretty amazing, I hope it will be used (lots of fun individual / team member trading stuff never see much use). This is super convenient for someone like me who has a very large number of shirts traded, some of which I don’t like or don’t fit in. You may want to allow filtering by shirt size and drop down when you add items to select size (or other items if it’s not like a regular size item).

Here is an entertaining video of wearing many shirts and First swag!!! It was a fun covid activity started by First Canada

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That’s cute.
I have over 130 shirts alone :smiley:
I need more

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I like the quilt idea, but dont like the idea of making the shirt unusable.

How about some way of mounting the shirts to a blanket? Maybe you can use pins to attach your shirts to a large sheet, and that way you can easily fold/roll it up for storage, and then unfold it for presentation.

Oh this is pretty awesome, I hope it gets used( a lot of cool individual/team part trading things never see much use). This is super handy for someone like me who has very large number of traded shirts, some of which I don’t like or don’t fit into. Perhaps you should allow filtering by shirt size and have a drop down when adding items to select size( I also like to wear hellboy shirt at lilpeepmerch ) or other if it isn’t like a standard sized item).

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