Displaying variables on the dashboard


we want to display the output of our Maxbotix LV-MaxSonar-EZ1 ultrasonic distance sensors on the dashboard. We used “SD Write Numeric Array” to write two output values as an array in Teleop.vi, and “SD Write Numeric Array” to get the values Dashboard Main.vi.

How can we make FRC Driver Station run the dashboard we created?

By default the Driver Station starts the Dashboard located in
C:\Program Files\FRC Dashboard
with the default name of “Dashboard.exe”

You can replace this default dashboard with your own by renaming yours and placing it in that location.

Alternatively, not practical unless your Driver Station is also your Programming laptop,
The LabVIEW button on the Driver Station Setup tab looks in:My Documents\LabVIEW Data\builds\FRC Dashboard Project\FRC PC Dashboard\Dashboard.exe

Alternatively, alternatively, there is an .ini file that specifies the Dashboard name, located in:
Public Documents\FRC\FRC DS Data Storage.ini

Thank you for the tip. It helped us solve our problem with displaying our own dashboard.

What about our code? The one that we wrote to display our distance values on the dashboard, is that true?

Any help is appreciated…

Looks fine to me.

Greg McKaskle