Distance Between The Apexes?

When you stack the tetras on top of each other, how much of a distance is their between the apex from the bottom tetra to the apex of the top tetra?

I apologize if this has already been asked and answered or this answer is located somewhere else. I have been looking, but I can’t find the answer to this!!!

well our team hasnt been able to test this (THEY ONLY GAVE US 3 CLOVERS!!!) but we duct taped more tetras together, and the majority of my team thinks there are about 6 inches between them… other people think anywhere between 4 in. and 9. but i’ve seen it mentioned on other places on CD as being 6. and our designs are based off 6… :wink:


i just measuered our mockups and it’s between 5 and 6 inches

The tetra “intra-stacking distance” is NOT in any of the official document or drawings (as far as I can tell).

However, in order for a tetra (or stack of tetras) to be counted as officially “SCORED” (three points each), all four apexes of the top-stacked tetra(s) MUST be within six (6) inches of the SUPPORTING structure. Reference ch. 4.2.1 top of page 4

Therefore, you should assume that the “clearance” between the goal and the first tetra or between any two other stacked tetras is less than six inches.

*** Best guess is that a “properly seated” and stacked tetra has a distance of four inches between the top of apex #1 and the bottom-side (clearance) of apex #2. Assumes the tetra and goal are both made out of the competition materials and use the competition “clover” to connect the tubes.

Remember that the clearance height of the eight goals is approx. 5.25’ and the clearance height to the center goal is approx. seven feet.

5 and 6 inches? thats good.

yeah, there wasn’t really an exact distance (we made our own connectors out of 16 gauge steel) , but that gives you a starting point, i hope. i tihnk it’s closer to 5, but i don’t know for sure, as this is only our mock playing field. FIRST should have a more exact number.