Distance from key to bridge?

I am attempting to find the dimensions from the key to the bridge so I can program an autonomous program that will bring our robot to the bridge and lower it to save some time in teleop (Since we are a rookie team and have no shooter, just defense). Does anyone know the EXACT distance from the end of the key to the tip of the bridge?

Has anyone got a program working for this that they could PM me for reference (In labview) I am new to labview and am not sure I can get that done by Tuesday.


Distance from center front of the key to the Coopertition bridge:

324 inches from alliance wall to center of court
-44 inches from center of court to end of bridge
-144 inches from alliance wall to front of key
136 inches (11 feet 4 inches)

Source: FIRST manual

EDIT: I’m not sure if you were talking about the end of the key closest to the bridge or to the alliance wall, so here’re the calculations for the tip of the semicircle:

324 inches from alliance wall to center
-44 inches from center to edge of bridge
-(144 inches from wall to closest edge of key + 48 inch depth of key)
88 inches

Hope I’ve helped!

Thank you for posting that, i messed up on my math somewhere haha
If only they could’ve just given us the dimension. But that wouldn’t be fun, now would it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Google calculator is pretty amazing :smiley:

So from the very tip of the semi circle to the very tip of the bridge is 88 inches? I can place a wheel right at that tip and the others completely outside the key/semicircle right?

Thank you!

Yeah, that’s legal so long as you’re touching the key before the match starts. Good luck!

Ya i used google calc too lol but i just read the field drawing wrong:rolleyes:


When placed on the Court, each Robot must be in compliance with all Robot rules, may not exceed 60 in. tall, and have all appendages within its Frame Perimeter. The Robot must be in contact with its Key, and may contain up to two Basketballs.
Violation: Disabled for the Match and re-Inspection if an illegal Robot

Do we have time to test our robot on the arena BEFORE the matches start? I will be going to Duluth, Minnesota and it would be really nice to tweak it to perfection before the ones that count start.

No and yes.

The official arena will not be open for testing (99.999% certain). However, you will have a number of practice matches on Thursday of the event; during those matches; as long as all teams are willing, test away during the autonomous period of those matches. Also note that at some events, you can fill in for teams that miss their matches to get more matches. Usually, there will also be a practice field; this may or may not be set up to spec with the normal field.

Short version, you’ll have practice time; use it wisely (by making it to the field!).