Distance from side of field to pegs

We’ve been working on our autonomous code with line tracking, and we can’t find what seems to be an important dimension in the field drawings we have.

After searching through the field docs, we can’t find the distance from the long side (54’) of the field to the pegs. We’re trying to figure out where the “Y” in the gaffer’s tape stops, but we’re at a loss as to how to find the location of the ends without a measurement to the pegs they end on. Anybody have this?

Well, I think you may be missing the blueprints for the field. I showed our Field-Building mentor your question, and he thought you didn’t have the blueprints. They are found here, under Arena Layout and Markings_RevA. The blueprints are on page 5.


Hopefully this helps you guys out building your field!

The “Y” starts at the edge of the gaffer’s tape closest to the field wall.
Distance to edge of gaffer’s tape closest to the middle of the field is 87".

So, the “Y” starts at 84" from the driver wall.
It ends 19.5" from the driver wall.