Distance sensors that don't interfere with each other?

My team is planning on having a distance sensor on each end of our robot to detect if we are parallel with something. We have currently been using VEX’s ultrasonic rangefinder but we realized they don’t work well when near each other. I’ve also looked into LIDAR (specifically the sensors from Pololu) but I’ve gotten mixed responses while researching weather they will interfere when near each other. What would you all recommend for achieving this? (I’d also prefer if the sensor could go directly into a RIO and not need an Arduino)

Study the datasheets for the sensors you are considering using to determine the minimum distance the sensor can measure.

There are several ways to keep active rangefinding sensors from interfering with each other, including:

  • Use different media or frequencies (ultrasonic vs IR vs visible, for example). Sensors will indicate on their data sheets what frequency or wavelength they operate on
  • Take turns. For this, you will need sensors which you trigger, not those which have a free run. This will work better for IR/visual range finders because light travels faster than sound and the turns don’t have to be separated by as many milliseconds.
  • Exclude the interference through having a narrow beamwidth (angular aperture) for both send and receive
  • If you have the “triggered” range finders with a wide projecting beamwidth and narrow detecting beamwith, you may even be able to use a single source for both receiver sides.
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