"Distance Teaching" Robotics, Need assistance using Vexcode text vs. RobotC

I will be teaching my robotics class online due the the virus. My plan is to hand out bins of vex parts and have the students do projects at home following my tutorials. I will be the first to admit, I know little about programming. We use robotC and I can teach the kids enough to get them by. However, they will not have access to robotC. I saw on Vex.com that they have a program called Vexcode text. I just want to know if anyone has experience with this. Can you download the programs directly to the vex cortex just as you would with RobotC?
Any help, or other ideas with my dilemma would be appreciated.

RobotC is designed to work with v4 cortex and vexcode text is for the new v5 brains with a screen. There is another alternative known as PROS that will work with either.
Also you can get robotC for free if that is a concern.

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