I was curious of what robots you believe can shoot the farthest and still make goals acurrately?

Team 20, The Rocketeers, are very capable of shooting from half field and beyond. The combination of a turreted shooter and a rock solid auto aim system let them scoot around field shooting balls, without ever having to take time to line up the robot. This was one of the fastest, most effective machines I have seen all year. They will be a force to be reckoned with at the big dance next week.

1261 was the most effective perimeter shooter I saw first hand, but 1610 was not far behind.

1523 had a great long range shooter. They consistantly made shots at and behind half-court at the Florida Regional.

648’s robot can shoot accurately from halfcourt and a little behond. It’s just that little nudge on the dial to get it to fire at the right speed that makes it hard.

Since you didn’t specify top goal shooters, I’ll throw in the tidbit that we can score the bottom goal from distances longer than the field.

Same here.

I would also like to mention 1280, which has made shots from half field and farther, both in and out of auto mode.

normally i dont boast about my team, but in this case…

we can shoot from 8 feet behind the halfcourt line (halfcourt + 8 ft)…we are also able to shoot from all three starting positions, accurately

Ive heard 303 can make them from extremely far back behind the half court line

On a side note, how many of these robots stayed under the 12 m/s rule?

We (1523) stayed under the limit. Our balls went at about 11.6 to 11.9 m/s.

Two distant shooters that stand out in my mind are 1219 and 522. Both scored pretty consistently from half-court or so.

The best long-range shooter I saw at Florida was 1523. They made shots from so far it boggled the mind. And since they used a catapult to shoot, they were incredibly consistent.

At Lone Star, 148 had amazing range. Couple that with their holonomic drive train, and they were really tough to stop.

Well, all of them or they would of been DQ’d obviously.

^Not true. I haven’t heard of many regionals actaully checking for ball speed. I am not saying that any of these teams shoot over 12m/s.

I saw 832 (Roswell Robotics) shoot from a pretty far distance on the practice field. 1261 (Peachtree Ridge) hit some pretty far shots too.

They will check you if it is in any question. If you start shooting from 1/2 court and are nailing them consistently someone will question it whether it is a ref or another team. At great Lakes they just abonded it but 1114 was questioned right after they won in the semi finals and moved to the finals.
A couple of teams were tested at Detroit from my view from our pits and i am not to sure anyone was checked at Western Michigan. But just note that if someone questions it I am pretty sure that you will be tested. :slight_smile:

Thanks…The kids wanted the bot to be able to shoot from
different distances…during testing we accually had it shooting from
mid field.

Come by and see us at our pit and say hi.

Team 1280 uses speed regulation on their ball shooting wheel.
It is not possible for the operators to set the wheel speed to
exceed 12 m/sec. A light on the OI informs them that the
robot is “out of range” with the speed limit activated.

With backspin, as 1280 uses, it is possible to center a shot in the 3
point goal from behind mid field. Without backspin, the maximum
distance would be a bit less.

If we must question the shooting speed of longer distance shooters
who have worked very hard to implement backspin, wheel speed
regulation, and a good targeting system; perhaps we should also
question the shooting speed of a close distance shooter that shoots
at rates exceeding 2 balls per second without wheel speed
regulation. Excessive shooting speed is not as visible to
someone watching the field in this case, but it constitutes just as
much of a competitive advantage, if not more.

Making a shot from mid field, with backspin, is not evidence
of excessive shooting speed. It is evidence of shooting just
short of the 12 m/sec speed limit…

I would, but sadly I won’t be in Atlanta next weekend :frowning:

At least by the end of the weekend, 832 had become a ramp shooter though.

I see an advantage of having a high shooting velocity for the short distance shooters only in that it is easier for them to maintain the speed necessary to get the balls into the goal.

That being said it seems that no one would be exceeding the maximum balls per second scored when limited by the 12m/s rule because that would allow around 60 balls per second. However exceeding the speed does give teams a bit of advantage as they would not have to calculate the correct speed to shoot the balls at a lesser velocity but closer together.

I agree that the rules should be applied across the board, but typically it seems that a teams competitive advantage from their ability to score a lot of goals with a one shot at a time system is much more limited by their feeding mechanism speed than their shooter speed.