Distraction Light???

I was wondering if it is legal to have a light on the robots similar to the one on the trailer to fool the other robots cameras.

Have you actually read the rules? :slight_smile:

Not personally. But my mentors said they don’t think it’s in the rules.

But it could be considered a functional decoration.

<R02> ROBOT parts shall not be made from hazardous materials, be unsafe, or cause an unsafe
condition. Items specifically PROHIBITED from use on the ROBOT include:
C. Any devices or decorations specifically intended to jam or interfere with the remote sensing
capabilities (including vision systems, acoustic range finders, sonars, infra-red proximity
detectors, etc.) of another robot (i.e. changing ROBOT color to confuse opponent’s vision

Its right there in the robot section
and as a rule of thumb anything that might stop a robot from working or damage a robot won’t pass inspection

There is no such thing as a “functional decoration” - only a NONfunctional decoration. If it has a function, and that function is to create disruptions and mayhem, then it’s probably not a good idea.


The game manual is not something that is printed only for mentors. Each and every FIRST competitor should read it (at least sections 5-9), regardless of team status.

Since I got such good responses, I have another question along these lines. What about painted robots and color t-shirts???

For your own sake, go read the rules.

For his sake, please stop spoon feeding him answers. At this rate, he will fail to ask some critical question, make a bad assumption.

This attitude runs a high risk of damaging your control system or disqualifying you from play.

please dont do what he said. i asked a question. if you dont want people to answer it the dont respond.

Why not?

i have gone threw most of it. I just dont have time to search threw every thing.

You don’t think it’s a bit presumptuous to assume that we all have the time to do it for you?

yes. but you dont have to waste your time if you dont want to. i am only asking if some one already knows.

Back to your second question:

Painting your robot those colors would probably violate the rule prevoiusly mentioned. As to shirt designs, the rule doesn’t apply. I’ve seen green, red, pink t-shirts worn by alliances. This however, does not mean you should intentionally design a t-shirt to interfere with another robot.

Being that the answer to the original question was in rule number 2 of the robot section, and someone pointed that out to you, I think it’s safe to assume that we’ve already given you the answer to all of the questions you could possibly have on the subject. Inability to click 5 links and read a paragraph simply shows laziness.

Literally, the answer to the second question is in that rule and it takes less time to read it than to respond to people complaining about you not reading the rules.

It isn’t the poster’s time I am worried about wasting.

I am worried about the time your team will waste developing an illegal strategy.
I am worried about the time your team will waste trying to repair something that was broken because you failed to read the manual.
I am worried about the time the tech support staff will waste spend trying to diagnose your failure.
I am worried about the time the inspectors will waste trying to inspect your illegal robot.
I am worried about the time your team will waste at competition trying to become competition legal.

I am worried about the time you are currently wasting begging for fish when you could be learning how to fish.

I think you have found and pushed hard a couple of the hot buttons around here.


Most of us here take this game very seriously. Many of us will have the rules read before we get home from kickoff. Please take the time to read and familiarize yourself with them. It will only do you good.

EDIT: To answer your second question, no it is not yet specifically against the rules to have a shirt designed to distract the vision system of a robot, but would that be a good demonstration of GP?

If I was your head ref I would make you take them off

Well said.

anyways, if you ahve a question about the rules, open the PDF and lit [cntrl]-[f], then, type the main word of whatever you’re looking for!

it works really well, and it’s probably faster than looking on the forums.

even so, if not for asking questions, WHAT ARE THE FORUMS FOR.

back to the original topic, don’t try to short-cut the rules… the game isn’t about winning, it’s about playing fair.


Actually IndySam… you are incorrect that this has not been ruled on, the following Q&A posts all deal with this topic:


These state pretty clearly that you will be asked to change your shirt ESPECIALLY if you have designed it that way on purpose. Definitely not GP.

ScottieDo555: it is not only important to real the manual but it is also the responsibility of every team to monitor the Q&A forum.

Expanding on this, many of us also work regularly 40-50 hours a week and then instead of going home we go and work on the robots until 9 or 10 o’clock at night. As well as all day Saturday and Sunday.