Distributed Animation Rendering

I was looking around at some of the Alpha groups that are working on things for BOINC and I found this very interesting.


It’s called BURP, it is still in pre-alpha stages, however it shows potential in the future for users to be able to upload your animations and have literally a computer workfarm supported by fellow animators (or just people willing to donate their CPU time with the BOINC client). I thought this was an excellent way of using BOINC, and maybe by robotics season next year the client will be usable by the public and help out for teams without good computers for rendering.

This is interesting, I was considering writting some software that would be similar. It was going to be much more crude and only support PovRay. Its good to know that something like this already exists and is much better written than what my hacked together idea was going to be. :slight_smile: