Distributed Computing

Hey everyone,
I’m sure there are already a few people on the boards doing this, but I’d encourage everyone to go to www.intel.com/cure and download one of the distributed computing clients. I remember a bit back when people were posting computer specs and there are some powerful comps here. Your computer is still fully operable when it is running as it only picks up the latent processes which are going unused. Both M$ and intel support this “philanthropic computing” obviously because its a good cause.

If nothing else, its fun to watch and makes a cool screen saver :wink:

That sounds like it uses the same technology as SETI, or the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

It uses peoples computers to analyze data packets from the different sattelites and antennas from around the world in hopes to find some kind of space wide communications.

SETI @ Home

I’ll need to install that when I get home…
Imagine all the computers in our school (hundreds) using that, man, we would find a cure in hours!