distribution block

If we are running a ground cable through the distrubution block, yet it is not getting distributed, do we need to use the one single block or can we take it out?

You may have not yet attached the “little yellow tab thingys” (to use the technical term) between your blocks.

“Centre Jumpers” they are called, at the bottom of page 7 here http://www.usfirst.org/uploadedFiles/Community/FRC/FRC_Documents_and_Updates/2008_Assets/Manual/2008%20KoP%20Checklist-RevB.pdf


Hey thanks for the info, i know about the yellow tabs, its just that there is no point in the distribution block when your not even distributing the power in the pirst place. Do i need the ground block?

I am having some trouble understanding your question.

Are you asking whether you can remove a segment from the Rockwell block that doesn’t have any wires connected on either side? If so, yes, but you’ll need to cut down the center jumper.

If you’re asking if you have to use the Rockwell block at all for your negative leads, the answer is yes it’s mandatory.

If I haven’t answered the question you meant to ask, can you please rephrase or give us a picture to work with?

i think he is asking if he can get rid of the ground blocks all together and just stick with one wire since they are not “Distributing” anything.
i would say no, but i might be wrong.

You don’t have drive motors on your robot? If you use the Maxi-style circut breaker for the 40A breakers, there is no other place to legally attach the ground wires to.

<R50> The 12V battery, the main 120-amp circuit breaker, the power distribution block, and circuit breaker distribution panels shall be connected as shown in the 2008 Power Distribution Diagram.

Take a look at the power distribution diagram distributed with the rule book:

If in doubt, the FIRST Q&A is the ONLY authoritative place for answers.

Maybe they’re using a locomotive style drive powered by pistons :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess there’d still be spikes and a compressor…

See this Q/A response: http://forums.usfirst.org/showthread.php?t=8380

I had a few of these thoughts about the same thing you are probably thinking about. Like if i thinking what you are thinking than you were planning to attach the 40 amp grounds to the atc fuse panel since you had extra grounding room. In real life yes but this is FIRST and they are strict with their rules. Play the game safe and try not to anger the judges.

Here is a question now what if you only used the 12 slot atc fuse panel would you need the distribution block?:confused:

The distribution block is required equipment. Why, I don’t know, but the rule is the rule. There is no rule saying how many sections you must use, but at least one black and one red with all the grays would keep you out of trouble.

As I understand your question, you are planning to take the battery negative lead directly to the common stud on your ATA fuse panel. Although this would seem to be acceptable and electrically equivalent, parts of rule R50 I think apply,

<R50> The 12V battery, the main 120-amp circuit breaker, the power distribution block, and circuit
breaker distribution panels shall be connected as shown in the 2008 Power Distribution
Diagram. In particular:

 The power distribution block must be directly connected to the APP connector and main
120-amp circuit breaker. No other loads may be connected to the main 120-amp circuit
 All circuit breaker distribution panels must be connected directly to the power
distribution block. No intermediate connections are permitted.
 Additional lengths of #6 red and #6 black wire may be used to reach the panels as
needed to make the above connections.

My recommendation is to return all high current motor connections to the Rockwell Terminal Block as this is the most efficient wiring technique in terms of minimizing electrical losses. The GDC has allowed that the ATA fuse panel common/returns may also be used, but the answer in the Q&A did not specify that the block could be bypassed. I would post the question “Can we eliminate the black portion(s) of the Rockwell Block if we intend to terminate all returns wiring to the ATA fuse panel per Q&A “Ground Stud for 40A Circuits”?” I suspect the answer will be no, plan accordingly.

EricH- You are our savior once again! Thank you!