District Championship Format

Question - Do all districts follow the same basic schedule/format? I heard Chesapeake Championship would only have two days of robot action…just like qualification events. With sixty teams, this just doesn’t seem possible. In the past, they had at least 2.5 days.

MSC schedule is posted here: STATE CHAMPIONSHIP – FRC

It’s starting later on Thursday, because load in is Thursday morning (not Wed eve).

There are 10 hours scheduled for quals, so that’s 8-minute cycles. Should be doable.

Any idea why the change this year? I was always a huge fan of the Wednesday unload and setup.

@anon56681952 The official schedule for the FIRST Chesapeake District Championship can be found here. I don’t know why it is not available on the event website. In general the pace and quality of updates to the website have been very disappointing this year.


Thank you for sharing this! I have checked the website and emailed numerous times asking for the schedule to be fixed on the website, but was never given this link.


Yep. Why did I get the information and not you? Seems pretty unfair.


The schedule for New England DCMP is here: https://www.nefirst.org/nedcmp

No, that’s way beyond my pay grade.

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