District Championship Live(ish) Standings

For this weekend, I’m going to be keeping up a few spreadsheets on Google Docs showing the current standings for the District Championships. I will be updating them periodically throughout the competitions so that those who are keeping up with the events will be able to see the teams’ progress toward qualifying for the FIRST Championship. You can expect each sheet to update something like every 20 minutes when I’m at my computer, but there will be some stretches where I can’t update for a couple hours. I will put up links to Michigan, New England and MAR sheets once I upload the initial documents. No sheet for PNW because they already have their fancy website, which I hope other districts join for next year.

I believe a couple people are already planning on doing that for Michigan (http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1370358#post1370358)

Ok, I guess I won’t do Michigan either, no need to double up. Thanks for posting the link though, we can have all of these in 1 place. Here’s the PNW website:


Thanks to everyone who’s live updating these rankings. Makes it really easy for us “fans” following along at home!

Mr. Papa and Mr. Meredith from 2590 have been diligently keeping a spreadsheet tracking the ranking points in MAR, as they have in years past.

We’ll probably only be updating it after each day (maybe after alliance selections if we have internet access) because we’ll be competing. Anthony’s sheet will be much more up to date.

Yes, I’ll be updating whenever I’m not in class, eating, or at wheelchair soccer practice. Here are the links.

New England: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw4NSGgCmfdlakhMY09HWjlTejg/edit?usp=sharing


Interesting idea. It took a second to realize you were tripling the points earned so far. This was because I checked 716’s 8pts and thought you had given them the extra 16 for first alliance captain. Maybe you should project this too for fun effect. Draft position guesswork would be tricky but WTH, it’s what-if anyway. That is, maybe each iteration should be as if the quals had ended at that point.

I think I made a sheet that does this here. Points for various alliance experiments should be reflected in the total points column. No re-sort done. As a starting point I just run down the list of team standings top 24 teams there in sequence.

Just a quick piece of analysis I did, looking at the biggest movers so far at MAR and New England Championships since the end of districts:

Highest Risers:

  • 223 - 21 places

  • 1257 - 21 places

  • 2495 - 19 places

  • 3974 - 16 places

  • 2180 - 12 places

    Lowest Falls:

  • 272 - 15 places

  • 303 - 12 places

  • 1923 - 12 places

  • 1495 - 9 places

  • 5 teams - 8 places

New England
Highest Risers:

  • 1153 - 23 places

  • 1735 - 12 places

  • 228 - 11 places

  • 3525 - 10 places

  • 716 - 9 places

    Lowest Falls

  • 4909 - 13 places

  • 4925 - 11 places

  • 4048 - 10 places

  • 1517 - 10 places

  • 61 - 10 places

Quick note on the standings pages, the 17s in the alliance selection column means the team was not picked. Pages are both updated as of the start of elims, will update after each round from here.