District Event Point Calculator

So last year at Indiana District Championship, I was curious how many district points we were gaining throughout the event since I was wondering if we would advance to Worlds. I did a lot of math on paper to keep track of points. It was a lot of work for something so simple.

With this excel calculator, all you have to do is fill in the white boxes. Then, you will get your total event points. All boxes except for “Teams” and “Rank” have drop down menu’s for you to use. Tell me what you think, what I can improve, or if there is any false data that you find. Thanks and Enjoy!

Edit: This is not formatted for the Michigan District Championship due to size and complexity to the MI District Championship. It “should” still work for MI events.

Edit2: If for some reason you decide to try and run this in google sheets, it wont work.

District Point Calculator 2016.xlsx (10.3 KB)

District Point Calculator 2016.xlsx (10.3 KB)