District Point Calculator

I made a Google Sheets Version of a FRC District Points Calculator. The link is protected so you will need to make a copy. If it is in red, do not edit it, if it’s in yellow only enter one value per column, and if it’s green enter a value for that cell. Any suggestions on improvements would help!

–Ben Holmes
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District Points Calculator


Great resource Ben! Helps me try to predict our rankings and see how we need to fair to make worlds this year, will be using this quite often


This is an awesome resource! Do you have an estimation on how many points people need to qualify for District Champ or World Champ? (we are in NE)

If you take a look at performance in previous years for your district, you might be able to estimate how many points you need this year to qualify for DCMP or CMP.

It is different for each district, for example it is around 200 to go to worlds from the NC District.

Hi Ben,

Nice calculator! It’s cool that you’re providing a tool for people to toy around with different point outcomes. I did want to mention that (whether you’re aware of this or not) the row for “wins in playoffs” is not entirely accurate. Per the district rules, the 5 points per match win are only awarded to each team in the case that their alliance wins the series. I know that’s not easy to codify in a short phrase, but it might be worth adding a note to inform anyone unfamiliar with district points so that they don’t mistake how many points they expect to get in playoffs.


Added a little asterisk and a description at the bottom! Thanks!

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