District Points Computation

I made a Q&D google spreadsheet to compute championship points values for a variety of scenarios. You can see it here.I have enabled editing for it, so please be careful to avoid scrambling it up too badly. If you have drastic revisions to make, you should be able to apply them to a copy. Please share your improvement ideas.

Since my original posting, someone anonymously pointed out that I was sloppy in coding the points for wins in elimination rounds by entering 4 QF wins. I fixed that part. :rolleyes: There may be more, so let me know what you discover. Yes, there are no awards points or rookie points in the computations. :wink:

Viewers continue to find out that Q&D means quick and dirty. The problem was that the alliance and draft columns allowed simultaneous non-zero entries. This was coupled with slightly misleading column headings. Now fixed along with some data entry restrictions applied. Now the sheet is neither so dirty nor so quick.

One additional item I noticed, you are awarding 5 points for every elimination match but teams should only receive the match points if they will the series. As stated here: http://www.usfirst.org/sites/default/files/uploadedFiles/Robotics_Programs/FRC/Resources/FRC_District_Standard_Points_Ranking_System.pdf
Elimination Round Performance

  • This attribute measures Team performance as part of an Alliance.*
  • All Teams on the Alliance winning a particular playoff series, who participate in matches with their robots, receive 5 points per match won. In practice, this will usually mean Teams will receive 10 points at each of the Quarter Final, Semi-Final, and Final levels, unless a backup robot is called in to play*