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I far as I know teams that win district events get 30 district points from playoffs. However, when I checked a few teams that won district events it says they only have 10 playoff points (according to TBA). I know they changed how many points the 3rd and 4th alliances get but I believe 1st place has stayed the same. FYI the teams I checked did play in all their playoff matches.
Anyone know why this is?

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Someone reported this as a bug on TBA recently.

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TBA is not an official source of data - check frc-events for official district point counts.


Doesn’t look like district rankings are updated on here either currently when I looked at a couple of districts.

Edit: I looked at a couple more and found CHS does has up to date. So wonder is this is pushed through at a district level.


District points, to my understanding, should be automatically calculated when FMS does it’s final event close-out push/sync with the FRC-Events API. Perhaps the sync has not happened for the events you were looking at, or the webpage on the FRC-Events side has not sync’d with the database?

On FIRST’s website I can’t get full district rankings (for a given district to work). PNW rankings should be available here, but the page doesn’t list any teams. I assume this will be fixed at some point.

In the interim, if you’re looking to see how many district points a specific team earned you can see that through the frc-events website on an events’ rankings page. For example, if you load the PNW Glacier Peak rankings page, the “District Rankings” header near the top of the page shows the fully accurate (as far as I can tell) point total for teams at the event, including handling a backup robot that earned partial playoff points and the different point totals for 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place alliances.

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FIRST HQ usually updates the system every Tuesday and Thursday of the week. That is just going off my experience of FRC and FTC mainly throughout the years emailing the head of FIM trying to see if we made it into state every year because we tend to seek in from our last week of competitions.

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NE rankings are empty (and so is every other district), but I don’t remember if we have to wait for Tuesday for these to get updated.

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FIT Waco was “updated” this morning…I suspect others will follow. The overall for FIT hasn’t that I have seen. Yours may be more complete today or later…

What happens to district points in a 1 day event? Those teams played fewer qual matches right?

jk I see its formula based.

The district points algorithm is designed to handle variations in match count and team count at events.


Week 2 Events start tomorrow and there are still no official district rankings.


The District points received can be found under each event, but not under the NE District rankings. I guess you can look at the two events and combine them. (I’m not sure if the awards for Granite State were updated, though.)

Edited to add that awards were not included for Granite State. SEMass results appear to be complete and correct:

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FiM used to do a manual spread sheet for district rankings, that was supposed to be updated by Tue. When we started the PNW district one of our volunteers created a system that was updated live, after every match. FIRST took notice, hired that person and the next year FIRST’s system wide district ranking page was created by that then FIRST employee. Unfortunately that person, like so many others, has left FIRST and I think that is part of the problem with why it isn’t automatically updating.

FIRST: Throw the code up on GH, we’ll take a look.

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My second-hand understanding is that the awards for Granite State were entered into the event computer, but due to the late hour, they never got uploaded to the master before the field was shut down and packed up. As a result, the award points are "locked " in the field’s Scorpion case, and once they turn it on this evening, the award data will be uploaded and the event page will reflect the awards won at GSD.


Look here.

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