District Team Adoption Policy

Hypothetical scenario:

Let’s say Team X in the regional model decides they’d like to be part of District Y. Is there any reason FIRST HQ should not allow District Y to adopt Team X and consider it as a part of their district? Yearly? Permanently?

Additionally – what if said team just got a PO box within district bounds? They now have an address within the district. Are they not a district team who happens to build the robot somewhere else?

This is an interesting problem. What’s to stop Buffalo teams going into Ontario? NYC teams going into MAR/NE? Oklahoma/Arizona teams close to the TX border going into Texas?

What if not just 1 team did it? What if several?

I expect this thread to be filled with well-reasoned and nuanced discussion.


I was worried this thread wouldn’t contain a gif. Thank u for not letting me down

There was a team in MAR that attempted the reverse in order to get into the quick-to-fill-up Orlando Regional after district teams were put at the back of the line. HQ kicked them out of the regional. And I’ve heard of at least one South Carolina team that asked about using a PO Box or similar to get into Peachtree or North Carolina districts. I don’t know how deep the discussions went, but they’re still a South Carolina team.

I don’t know HQ’s precise criteria for whether a team is really in Place X, or if they’ve even adopted a formal policy, but you’re going to have to have more of a presence than a PO box. I recall hearing that the presence of Georgia students on 1102 was a significant factor in them being allowed to jump the Savannah River and escape the shadow realm.

Edit to answer OP’s question: Would 1293? Fair chance. This team has never gone to multiple in-season events in 15 years, a mixture of budget, manpower, and inertia, and district play would greatly improve the chances there. The team already is traveling at least three hours to compete at a regional, and some NC venues (UNC Pembroke, UNC Asheville) would be shorter distances.

4360 is from Moorhead, MN but they work in a shop located in North Dakota and share it with two ND teams (4818, and 7048). It would be very strange if 7048 and 4818 were left out of districts and 4360 played in the district model despite sharing shop space.

Right, so in the year 2178 when MN has more teams than people in the state and they finally decide to go to districts, why should they not be able to adopt any willing team into the district with them? It’s an interesting question.

Interesting to hear that. Thanks for the insight.

I wonder what constitutes an official address? What if I created a community team in a district that happens to be comprised of students not in the district? What if we had one kid in the district, does that change it? What’s stopping me from “disbanding” one team and starting another as a veteran community rookie in another district that happens to build outside the district?

We’ll let the New Mexico teams try it first :slight_smile:

Well, I can think of one case where a team moved within the same district. In 2016 and 2017, team 6215 (the Armored Eagles) was based in Warrenton, NC, but are now based in Rocky Mount, NC (which is about 50 miles away). I talked to one of their members and he said that this year was basically like a rookie year for the team (Sidenote: their robot was a perfectly executed Everybot). Other teams have performed smaller moves, likely due to the moving of their build space such as team 5544 from Southern Pines to Vass (both places in NC, and less than 10 miles apart)

I would think that the type of moving mentioned by the OP would be accepted since the move by those teams were, but there would probably need to be more than a PO box just as there was in previously mentioned cases.

Well this has been done already! However in that case the team represented the entirety of teams in the state so it was OK with FIRST because it followed state lines. That team of course is the Nerds of the North #568.

They asked the PNW and FIRST if they could join and were given the OK but there was a stipulation, that it would be permanent, and would not be allowed to switch back and forth.

The other thing in favor of that is that if IIRC AK was in the original proposed PNW district.

So while it has already been done, that was a unique situation and unless your team is also the only team in a state I’d say it is very unlikely to happen.

I doubt any other states will be able to join Texas districts. FIRST in Texas is primarily funded by the Texas Workforce Commission and from the meetings that went on at regionals this year they did not seem to keen on out of state teams joining the district.

yup, so we’ll let the New Mexico teams try it first.

I’m going to legally incorporate a non-profit in Michigan, establish a P.O. Box, then finally compete there again.

There may be some ‘political’ issues with funding. If the district itself is highly connected/reliant on a local organization, that organization may be hesitant to allow outside teams to compete. For example, MSHSL probably wouldn’t let ND teams join an MN district that is associated with MSHSL.

From what I’ve been told by FIRST (Don Bossi), this would still not be allowed. A single district [even though they’re supposed to be entirely self-sustained entities], are not allowed to admit non-district teams because they (FIRST) requires all districts to have the same policies regarding such. Since Minnesota would have to convince the other districts to allow non-district teams in, it’s never going to happen. FIRST HQ knows it’s an issue, but simply doesn’t care.

I’m a bit confused… aren’t we saying the same thing? Just for different reasons

In the since that a non-district team can’t play with districts, sure. But you made it sound like the district has more say in the matter than they really do. It’s not JUST a funding thing.

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I think 1102 and 303 are uniquely qualified to answer this question. 1102 successfully “switched into” the Peachtree district this season after being registered as a South Carolina team in the past. 303 unsuccessfully attempted to register as a New York team in 2012 to avoid participating in the MAR district, but were ultimately switched back to being a New Jersey team before the season started.