District Teams Bypassing District Championship

Last year I saw Las Guerrillas (469) from FIM miss out on the district championship but go to a regional and qualify for world’s by winning their and making it to the semis of their division. I would like to ask if anyone knows of any other teams doing this same feat from any district. With a very selective FIM district, it’s nice to see teams make their way to world’s anyway.

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We did it in 2016. We missed MSC by a point or two but had already signed up for Windsor. We ranked first overall, picked 2056, and won the event. We went to St. Louis despite missing MSC.


2095 this year did not make it to MAR champs and instead went to Festival de Robotique a Quebec City and they won minutes before MAR was announcing who qualified so they were qualified without even going to the district championship this year


2607 2014, 365 2013, 25 2013, 341 about every other year

1983 goes to Idaho every year and offten qualify’s that way, but they rarely (if ever) need it.

To be clear, 341 and 365 are Hall of Fame teams and do not need to qualify at outside regionals to earn their spot at CMP.


1983 only qualified off it this year. In 2017, they missed DCMP and qualified by waitlist.

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For the last two years, 2095 and 2234 have attended regionals during or after the FMA DCMP. 2234 earned a slot last year, and 2095 this year. What’s particularly interesting is the lateness of their qualifications resulted in an extra slot for FMA.

Thank you all, I would like to add specifically not including wait list teams, or pre-qualified teams.

I know that 141 tries to do this feat every year by going to a regional for their first event, but have never managed to win. This year they went to North Dakota, and I believe that last year they went to Georgia. How they logically select these events is beyond me, as there are much closer regionals to Michigan, but hey its not my call or my money.

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Learning to use the API for TBA could help greatly in answering a lot of the questions you have more accurately than people’s memory.


It could also be that they are just using it to practice, especially in the case of Georgia as you cannot advance at a district event out of your district.

141 went to Virginia and Alabama last year, in addition to their normal in-state schedule and CMP (also in state). Virginia is part of CHS so they could not have earned a CMP spot there, but Alabama is regional-territory.

Meeting and playing with/against teams outside of Michigan is a benefit to 141 both competitively and culturally. 141 is an engine that cranks out new mentors and volunteers to sustain FIRST. They might just end up in the HoF someday.


We go down to Miami(OH) for practice and surprisingly we do well

I understand, but sometimes hearing a personal story is more interesting, hence why I reached out

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25 only skipped DCMP in 2013 because we had already qualified for the Championship after winning it the previous year.

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