Division Pit Maps Posted

They’re not on the FIRST Website yet, but if you download the “FIRST Championship” Android app, and look at the “Exhibit Hall” map, all of the divisions have their pit squares populated with teams.

I’m currently working on pulling it off of my phone to post here, but in the meantime, check it out!

Wow, it does! Unfortunately, the font size is microscopic on my 4HD display LG G3. No matter how much I zoom in.

Well, turns out the app does some interesting map creation on the fly in order to make each team’s pit linked to their info. All the app actually saves is the location of the teams pit on a png image, so that doesn’t exactly do much for getting the data to be usable. Anyway, the best I could do on short notice was take screenshots and stitch them together, so here is the result!

I think I got most of it, and when you zoom in the numbers should still be readable (cough barely) :smiley:

Thanks! We must be the blank square right in the middle :smiley:

And right on cue, FIRST Posts the official maps online. Oh well, nothing like a little photoshop to pass the time. Maybe that will still help if anyone’s phone cant handle huge PDFs? :stuck_out_tongue:

The Pit Map is now online!

What are the random Triangle-Circle-Squares above certain teams pits? Sign locations?

EDIT: I need to read more

  • zooms in around 30 times *
    They should have an interactive version online

Power outlets?

If you’re willing to brave through it, the app pit map is actually interactive with the team’s pits.

According to the legend, they are building utilities.

I should read more.

That’s what you get for having an absurdly long team name. Who’s fault is that?

Either Sean or Christine

I made all the text black, much easier to read.

Pitmap (dark font).pdf (296 KB)

Pitmap (dark font).pdf (296 KB)