Division Sub-Headers?

This may sound silly, but I’ve seen many users with a picture like this at the bottom of their posts, and was wondering how I get one for myself




http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=136742&highlight=userbars has the images.

Go to “user cp” in the orange bar, then go down the left side until you see “edit signature”. Insert the text from the linked thread.

On the top bar select “user cp”. Then select “edit signature” on the left side bar. Next Use control C for the image url that you want to be in your signature. Then click on the insert image icon (Mountain icon) to insert the image. Hope this helps.


As long as it decides to work XD

Now? Please work

Make sure to remove the *s from the text.


Aha there we go!
Thanks for the help:D

Just to let you know, you can preview your signature before you save it so you dont have to make unnecessary posts. If I remember correctly it should be directly to the right of the Save Signature button.

Hey guys I was wondering where I could find this option as I don’t see it under user cp. Do I have to just post a few times to get one?

Now a different question; How can I use multiple userbars? Every time I add one it deletes the previous one:confused:

If it isn’t in the left bar of the user cp, under “edit signature”, then I would assume so.

For all you new folks, certain features are set up to have a minimum post count or minimum time as a site member or minimum reputation score (or all three) before they’ll work properly for ya. Nothing against you folks personally, we’re just making sure that you aren’t some sneaky spammer.

And as a tip, if you’re aiming at posting a few times so you can get these nice features, make 'em constructive posts.

Thanks, I have been wondering about that for a while now, seeing all those dual avatars and fancy sigs. Do you happen to know what all the post counts are?

Just keep posting and you will unlock it

Make sure the posts are meaningful, and not spam.

The “dual avatar” is actually a “Who-Am-I” picture (right side, outlined in white), combined with an avatar. And before you go asking about how to set one…

Thanks! I really appreciate the help! I will have to set one soon.