Division Text Message Notifications

Would you like to know which division you are in as soon as they are posted by FIRST?! Now you can with our text message notification system.

Dave (Davx - 195) and I wrote a VB/php application which crawls the USFirst site, and when the divisions are posted, will grab the division for your team number and send it to you via text message.

Sign Up Here

Well I tried to sign up, (to get the notification for 121, the team I am traveling with) and got this error, The file numberlist.txt is not writable

Havent used VB in a while so I couldnt come up with a cause but i figured id let you know.


It’s a PHP error. You guys need to CHMOD your numberlist.txt to 777.

Tried it, no luck :confused:

EDIT: Ha! I was linking to an old version of the page!

Should work now…


ty tom <3 lol … emo kids rule… wait did i just say that!?! =X

At least you haven’t written a whole PHP script, handed it to your boss, and then reailized afterwards you wrote once by accident


rendering your whole program useless.