Division Userbars





Tell me if you like them. To use them in your signature, use the code underneath the image and copy and paste it into the signature box in your profile. Make sure to remove the *'s!


these things are sweet. thanks!

Very nice user bars and thanks for providing the code, I can never seem to get the image tags to work. :rolleyes:

Also, here are the other Division Userbars people have made.


Sorry about that and that’s for pointing that out Philmont





You’ll also have to take out the asterisks in these.

Just some of the userbars posted in the division threads are soo deep into the threads that people haven’t been able to find them and it’s nice someone actually made a thread for the division userbars.

I couldn’t fit all 6 that have been made into one post, so the below post will have the rest of the userbars.

Here’s the rest of the userbars.









The Image code you posted was for the mechanics user bar. This should be the right one (just switching the code from the Archimedes image)


what about vex? :wink:


full credit to AndyB though; the design is gorgeous! :smiley:


Also for the Vex teams!
(Again, please make sure if you use userbars in your signature file, that you comply with the CD height restrictions of 200 pixels or less - thanks).

Those are really nice…very clean and simple

i also noticed that people have been replying the this thread at various times of the night from midnight to 5 am

It’s just before Championships, who sleeps? :slight_smile:

Haha yup, still up…I’m hoping to getting some zzs on the flight later tonight.:rolleyes:

I actually changed the text so it looks correct on my userbars. Had to uncheck the ‘Anti-Alias’ box in photoshop. :stuck_out_tongue: Feel free to use mine.

Sweeeet! Thanks so much!

Cool, now to use all of these for a second year!

EDIT: Didn’t see that is said 2006 so I redid that one to 2007. Use if you wish!


Sweet, thanks.

very nice, go Curie!

Woah these are awesome, thanks

I created these user bars with the intent on them only being used on your Myspace, but since they started catch on here on Chief Delphi, I decided to post the code on here. Therefore, if you do not wish to use them as your user bar they can serve as your extended network bar on your Myspace page.





Just as a reminder you need to remove the (*)'s when pasting them to your signature. If your using them for your Myspace just completely remove the tag on them.

Thanks, these are great, I don’t know what one to choose!