Divisional Userbars

Made these a couple of years ago. Thought I would re-release these again instead of dig up my old post. Enjoy.





Have you made any others for FIRST or just those

How do you get the image to show up? I just get the link.

There’s an “insert picture” icon when you go to edit your signature. Or just put the link in this -(IMG) (/IMG) In brackets obviously not parentheses.

Is it possible at all for you to make userbars for the two FTC divisons (Edison and Franklin)?

I just don’t wanna feel left out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is the old post with many different user bars. Most of them are still active too!


I was looking for those earlier…xD

I updated my userbars for 2008, so feel free to use!
Just copy & paste the code into your sig and remove the stars.

Archimedes and “Pi”


Galileo and his “Falling Bodies”


Newton and his “Apple”


Curie and “Radiation”


FTC Banners as Requested:

Edison and his “Light Bulb”


Franklin and his “Kite”


btw, before anyone posts that “it doesnt work” remember to remove the asterisks in the posted code.

Just these. These are what you’ll see on referee name tags I belive again this year. I never actually checked to look last year, but I got an email from FIRST asking if they could use them.

So who can make an Einstein one? :wink:

I made Einstein last year, so I’ll try and refresh it when I get home later. =)
Check back in this post after 8 EST, and it should be up!