Divisions and Einstein Predictions

So I’ve been seeing some threads kind of like this one, but they generally talked about the types of robots that will make it to Einstein.

What I was curious to see, seeings how its only about a day and a half away from ATL, is which specific teams people think will make it to Einstein and who will be our new world champions. :stuck_out_tongue:

The divisions are as balanced as ever, but I’m worried about a Canadian alliance winning it all (1114, 1503, 2056). It just doesn’t seem right. :stuck_out_tongue: And I definitely don’t want to say this is impossible, look what happened last year. But really, Archimedes really has some great bots that I’m worried about. But who knows, after all I could see a 121, 148, and 469 alliance from Newton taking the championship home too.

I remember some people last year saying how the “dream” team would be 1114, 217, and 148, but would never be able to be on the same alliance. So whoever made that prediction, kudos to you. :slight_smile:

World Champs- 67, 71, and X coming out of Galileo

X = 65, 20, 11 ;)…

217, 1771 and X coming out of Curie (hoping its + 1323).

I can definately see 67 or 71 pairing with a myraid of teams to be a force to be reckoned woth coming out of Galileo. I can foresee 1114 and 2056 pairing together (Although karthik doesn’t seem to think this is 100%) and making it to Einstien, however, I think 217 paired with either 79, 188 or 1771 or the alliance from Galileo (67 with 71, 111 or 744) can trump them. No idea for 2rd pick (3rd member) on alliances. (And yes I am a little biased with 79 and 744, but I know both of our teams potential and skill).

p.s. Sorry it isn’t like a looking forward post and isn’t very clear, but I haven’t looke much out of my own division, and nothing is certain.

Yeah, it’ll be difficult for one of them to seed first in their tough division.

3rd teams are kind of a crapshoot, but anyways…

Archimedes: 2056, 1114, 180
Curie: 188, 254, 1675
Galileo: 45, 67, 2775
Newton: 148, 1625, 1730

Galileo or Curie takes it.

I guess i’ll go ahead and make my picks

Archimedes: 2056, 1114, 39 (#1 Alliance)
Curie: 188, 217, 1425 (#1 Alliance)
Galileo: 71, 111, 1646 (#3 Alliance)
Newton: 1625, 121, 1868 (#2 Alliance)

Archimedes def Curie
Newton def Galileo

Newton def Archimedes

Archimedes: 2753, 2056, 176 (#1 Alliance)
Curie: 217, 79, 1024 (#1 Alliance)
Galileo: 111, 45, 1902 (#2 Alliance)
Newton: 1625, 121, 135 (#1 Alliance)

galileo takes the win

That is one stacked alliance out of Archimedes.

My predictions…

Archimedes: 2056, 1114, 931,
Curie:1771, 79, 597
Galileo:1717, 40, 2230
Newton: 1625, 148, 2377

A over C
G over N

A over G

Check out my sig. haha

Also, I have no doubt in my mind that 217 will make it to Einstein this year. I would love to see 40 bring it to Einstein.

Wow everyone. I am so honored and proud of our team and students to see us mentioned as being able to make it to Einstein. It would be my absolute dream to play with 217 as that is a team that I deeply respect in FIRST. I do think we could form an absolutely killer alliance with 217 and possibly be a world championship alliance. I think the divisions are going to be pretty crazy and this year will take even luck than before. I hope that we have the opportunity to play on Einstein and I really hope it could be with 217. We have been working on a couple improvements and hopefully it will show.

I’m getting so excited for the games to begin and I can;t wait to play with so many excellent teams.

Archimedes: 2753, 2056, 1987
Curie: 217, 188, 1024
Galileo: 67, 71, 1902
Newton: 1726, 1625, 364

C def. A
G def. N
G def. C

I think the best prediction we can make is that there will be 3 champions.

I say this because in this game, anything can and usually does happen.:rolleyes:

That would be awesome =P

Archimedes - 1114, 2056, 93
Curie - 217, 254, 399
Galileo - 67, 71, 226
Newton - 233, 177, 88

Archimedes defeats Curie
Newton defeats Galileo
Archimedes defeats Newton

As we have seen in the past, predicting alliances (especially as far back as the last pick) is extremely hard… But good luck to everyone attending the Championship.

any way you slice it, in my mind, either 67 or 217 will be in the final match.

Hahaha I second that prediction! This years game is so full of unpredictability, human players and huge plays that can change the game in seconds really makes me unable to call who exactly will make it, but I’m guessing there will be some enormous upsets all through the eliminations that should really make this year’s championship exciting!

I lost the game.

really, now I lost the game

P.S. what are the chances we will see a rookie on Einstein this year?

Archimedes - 1114, 2056, 125
Curie - 217, 254, 395
Galileo - 67, 71, 1923
Newton - 148, 1625, 126

I predict and Galileo vs. Curie Match-up in the finals with Galileo pulling out the win.