Divisions are out! 2016 Division Tracker- View Data, Charts, and Predictions


Returning from last year- get a head start on scouting and learn about teams in your division!

See into the future with predicted match results and rankings!

Find out which matches will be the most exiting to watch across all divisions!


  • Find out how the top 24 teams in the world (by max OPR) were distributed among divisions
  • Compare average max OPR and average component OPR data across all divisions
  • Predicted match results and team rankings based off of component OPR data.
  • Search for a team number on the home page to quickly find which division they’re in
  • View charts comparing each division’s teams by max OPR
  • Go to a division page for basic data about each team in that division including average OPR, max OPR, best rank, number of awards won, and number of matches played this year (you can sort this most tables by clicking on the column headers)
  • View select component OPR data for each team in a division
  • Download data in tables in CSV format to use in excel or Google sheets
  • View a list of awards and the teams that won them for each division
  • …and more!

Newton looks like it will be the division to watch. I’m looking forward to see who comes out on top. Also, I’d imagine qualifications will have a lot of fun matches.

Match and ranking predictions are up!

Just out of curiosity, are you saying it requires 30 minutes of computer time to do the calculations?

Nope, but it required more than 30 minutes to parse the data out of the PDF and double check all the numbers.

I was a bit surprised to see the schedules released in a form that is so hard to manipulate without manually regenerating the schedule in another format. I see TBA does not have the match schedules up yet, I’m guessing they are also not available on the FIRST API, which would make it easier to process.

They are not going to host the unofficial schedules as FIRST asked until they are official.

^ This. FIRST has asked us not to post match schedules until they are official.

This makes practical sense, but it’s unfortunate that there isn’t an official easily parsable source for this data for teams to use.

I’ve added a column to the predicted ranking tables that compares a team’s OPR rank with their predicted rank to give a general idea of schedule difficulty.

Let me know if you have any ideas for other data you’d like to see on the site.

This may be a dumb question, but the negative numbers means an easier schedule comparatively, right?

Sorry it’s not clear- a negative number is a relatively harder schedule. For most tables on the site, you can hover over some column titles to get a longer description.

oh okay, good to know. Thanks

Well, given a clock speed of 4.77 MHz, even with a math co-processor, these things take time…:stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, Newton is THE field to watch.

A couple additions to the site:

  • Division index pages: added latest OPR and “trending” indicators to see how the team’s performance has changed over the season
  • Division match prediction pages: add filtering option to only show matches with a particular team

Check out the new Monte Carlo simulation data on the site for each division. The chart has a lot of data, so I recommend not using a mobile device.

Here is an example box plot from Newton:


(and these did take more than 30 minutes of computation time…!)

I’ve added a match detail view to see a breakdown of each alliance and a picture of each robot from The Blue Alliance media.

Click on a match number to view this new page.

Example: http://frc.divisions.co/division/Newton/matches/36

The site has been updated to reflect the new official schedule for Carson.

If you want to compare the ranking/simulation data here are the results for the OLD schedule:


Monte carlo simulation:

So was Carson the only division to not keep its preliminary schedule?

(I think that makes it two-in-a-row for Carson… I believe they were the only division to not retain its preliminary schedule last year too).