DJI releases the RoboMaster S1... Looking for a Shooting Game?

DJI released news about their latest contribution to educational robotics this morning… the RoboMaster S1, a public version of the RoboMaster Standard robot used in the university-level league…


I wish RoboMaster was available more in the US (Though I suppose that’s how a lot of countries feel about programs like FIRST in the US). It’s super cool and brings a lot to the stage that most US-based robotics competitions haven’t explored yet. Some friends and I tried to start up a team a while back, but due to difficulty registering and large distances between us at the time it never happened.


CD is gonna ignore completely it just because it has mecanums.


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You seem to have misspelled vectored intake wheels…


Did you say mecanums…


I remember the first year of RoboMaster being broadcast on Twitch, and half the chat was talking about how they could do it better without mecanums :laughing:

This is very cool, and very affordable for what it is.

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That is a fantastic commercial, I’m impressed. DJI hit the “make STEM cool” ball out of the park with this one.

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did they just call themselves " the worlds toughest international robotics competition"

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Here’s a review with some driving footage. The chassis seems to perform well, and the FPV gimbal is awesome. The shooter looks to be more show than go, but that’s OK.

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There are presently a dozen North American RoboMaster Teams. With another dozen or so, DJI would likely consider organizing a North American Regional competition, which normally comprises 30 or so teams.


This is definitely Mecanum Heaven… or Hell! :smile:
With two teams on the field, each able to have up to seven wheeled robots, your find yourself with 56 Mecanum wheels battling it out… Some teams use an Engineer robot equipped with a rear tandem axle wheelset, but the front axle is normally fitted with Omni wheels.

Not so anymore… Mecanums are now the coolest things on the field!
By the way… for the International Regional (3-4 August) and the World Finals (7-11 August), the matches will be live streamed on Twitch with two American on-site commentators, DAS and Baron, both well known in Twitch livestream circles.

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When you compare RoboMaster with other university-level robotics competitions, I have no problem with DJI making that claim.


FRC looks a lot harder than putting a laser gun on a car and driving around

I’m not sure how buying a pre-assembled remote control car is really robotic. But it looks like a fun game.

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eh, RoboMasters at the high levels is a lot more complicated then that. For starters you build multiple robots to do different things.

Also the programming required to compete at a high level is considerably more complex then what is usually needed to compete at a high level in FRC.

That said, FRC will continue to have the most unique design opportunities, where Robomasters will likely circle in more and more on an agreed upon good standard design and will likely become more and more about small efficiency gains mechanically and really come down to better programming development.


Take a look at the 2019 RoboMaster Competition Rule Book… It’s alot harder than it seems. :wink:

This is how your RoboMaster S1 comes to you… Some assembly required…