DJI releases the RoboMaster S1... Looking for a Shooting Game?

FIRST FRC (High School) and RoboMaster (University) are not competitors from my point-of-view.
As you state @Nick_Coussens, the two are complementary to one another. DJI does not hide that RoboMaster very heavily leverages autonomous vehicle sensing, obstacle detection and tracking and navigation, sectors very much in demand in autonomous vehicle applications. I met one of the RoboMaster Technical Directors at the IEEE ICRA 2019 Conference in Montreal, along with some of the teams. The majority of engineering team members are engineering and science graduate and post-graduate students. In the IEEE ICRA 2019 RoboMaster AI Challenge, for example, the Big Brother of the S1 has to operate on a playing field strewn with obstacles in 3 minutes rounds, completely autonomously in a 2 vs 2 robot shootout. Even ammo reloading has to be done autonomously (i.e. detect low ammo condition, locate ammo reloading station, ensure reloading station is not occupied by partner, position under the hopper, execute defensive maneuvres to avoid enemy fire while reloading, receive ammo and resume fighting when reloaded).


Having been part of a robomaster’s team for a very short period of time, it’s amazing to go to a competition and be the only one with non-mechanum wheels. Everyone looks at you oddly, but you can explain the advantages, and it makes sense to them. Even though contact wasn’t supposed to be part of the game, it totally was, so we used Andymark white highgrip wheels. The craziest part, I was even told at one point they were harder to program than mechanum! Sadly, we were very far behind, and that robot never moved. However, some people did try to push it sideways, and it didn’t budge. # Wall Defense

As for the program in general, I definitely sympathize a lot more for foreign teams. While we had pretty good accommodations, it still was tough. I think they are making strides to improve, but it’s still has a ways to go.

Most important lesson I learned? Whatever you do, no matter how much the robot needs done, do not stay up for 88 hours straight with only 8 hours of sleep sprinkled in. It’s not worth it.


The reviews of the RoboMaster S1 have started coming out in droves in the last 24 hours… Here is a pretty good one…

I wish this existed when I was in school. I would have wanted to compete in the RoboMaster league 100%

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