DJ's at the Events

At VCU, the DJ played almost all techno, along with Stacy’s Mom least 5 times. Watch the finals matches from VCU, and you’ll see what I mean. No music to get the teams pumped up…there actually wasn’t ANY music for the third match. I asked him to play the Final Countdown (great pump up song) when we were in the finals, and he acted like he was too good for me and blew me off. I also asked for Red Alert by Basement Jaxx, and that never got played.

Then I went to the GLR this past weekend, and the DJ was great! He played all of my favorite, including 867-5309. AND, when the teams won, he played We Are The Champions, rather than another random techno song like VCU. I can only hope that they have him at the Detroit Regional next week.

Maybe I’m more likely to notice because I’m a DJ, but what are your experiences this year with DJs at events?

I disagree. While his final music selection, during the last few rounds of elimination was lacking, overall I thought he did quite well. The music selection was good, but I don’t think he was in tune with the crowd.

I have watched the complete webcasts of VCU, Portland, and UCF. I haven’t really had anything to complain too much about the music. It is supposed to be an up beat competition, and I believe they have been doing well. However, after the UCF final finals match I was totally shocked that the DJ played Shania Twain “Still the One” , directly following “We are the Champions”. I didn’t think this was quite appropriate or followed the theme of the rest of the music. :confused:

I agree. The DJ at GLR did a great job compared to some of the regionals I’ve been to in the past. He even played a few Safri Duo songs (Played Alive [The Bongo Song] and Samb-Adagio), which surprised me because I didn’t know that anyone knew of them besides me.

I also was paying way too much attention because I too am a DJ (Look for me at the Kettering Kickoff in the fall).

I really like what Portland did with their regional, between the MC who thought he was the host of a gameshow, and the DJ who was happy to encourage the illusion. It’s really what I’d expect from a West Coast, Hollywood-influenced competition. Very cool.

I just wish they’d quit playing the Chicken Dance song…

Depending on the DJ at the Canadian Regional, I promise you all something nice near the end.

The DJ at CR will be the same as the last 2 years and he does a great job.

The music at NH wasn’t bad. I did find that Pittsburgh was slightly lacking pop. Remember that this is coming from, as my team says, an old guy.

watching the VCU webcast I can affirm your statement about the DJ there…he was just awful (this is not a rave it is a competition) I heard that song by justin timberlake like 10 times (i wish i was exaggerating)…

The DJ @ the NJ Regional was great. He played whatever anyone wanted and he was a very friendly college student who was at his first FIRST event. He saud that he had a great time and would love to come back next year (even if hes not DJ’ing). Also he said that he played the most 80’s funky one hit wonder dance songs in those 2 days then he has ever before played (combined) HAHA… Overall the music was great and also he was a really friendly guy, wish all outsiders that come to FIRST events could be so cool.

These are not DJs. These are people who change the CD in the CD player.

I want a regional with somebody who can spin.

The music at Arizona was top quality. I found it kind of funny that like everything that was played was the exact music on my computer. While I really enjoyed the selection, they did not play Stacy’s Mom nearly enough, I only heard it once :frowning: At least they had the good version of Eye of the Tiger.

Stacy’s Mom was played ad nausem on Thursday, allong with ‘Where is the Love’. It’s Thursday, and just like in years past, you’ll hear it a lot. On the competition side of things, I thought the DJ did ok job. But you do have to admit, he was a character. This guy dressed up in a huge pimpin’ suit (with hat & feather) on Friday, and he dressed up like Uncle Sam on Sat. IMHO, he did a good job of doing his job, giving the competition a soundtrack everyone can like. He touched all the bases, and I give him mad props for it. We have lots of muslums, indians, and asians on our team (who call themselves the ‘Indians’) and they wanted more Indian techno. You can’t please everyone. I even wanted to see ‘Time to Start’.

But hey, whatever, atleast it’s better than ‘Cotten Eyed Joe (techno remix)’ :slight_smile:

He was great, always smiling. He looked like he was having fun. :slight_smile: We brought our CD “Music to Spy By” and he played 007 music at least twice while our Team 007 was entering the field. We wrote him a thank you note.

I agree…I have no complaints about the DJ at the New Jersey Regional. We even got him to play some MOE music before our final Qualification Match.

the music at NH was alright, but this is the one time that i loved my Ipod the most… none of the music that i listen to was played (mostly Metal and some Hardcore stuff)… but i give credit to all the dj’s that do try to play what the people ask as long as its goes along with the upbeat moods of FIRST…

(yay 4 ipods…gets me in the zone before every match =D)