DK in Hemisphere (United Airlines Magazine)

So I am sitting next to my wife on the way back from the West Coast when she asks me if I know who Dean Kamen is. she explains he is some “Big Shot” related to that FIRST stuff I do when I dissappear for a couple months. I smile and let her finish the article. The article really struck a cord with her.

For me though it struck an entirely different cord. This year Team 33 plans on “pollonating the public” with old engineering magazines. The key to doing this though is planting them in locations with fertile minds and time. Our plan was to hit up waiting rooms of dentists, doctors, hair-dressors and other service related industries where you may be required to wait on an appointment. Well, it was great to see it in action as my wife proceeded to ask me questions about “the Luke Arm”, “Stirling engines”, and FIRST’s mission to help populate the world with problem solvers instead of problem makers.

So the idea was to re-distribute old issues of SAE and other engineering magazines with a FIRST Brochure stapled in them and maybe one of the Yahoo articles talking about the Top 10 Starting Salaries. After seeing my wife’s reaction, we might just swing by kinkos and print up some articles as well.

Does anyone have a contact at United Airlines where we might be able to get our hands on the used copies of Hemishpere? It would be great to “recycle” these into distribution elsewhere. I know this is a powerful idea as it successfully solves 3 problems

Please feel free to steal this idea and copy it elsewhere. If you find successful techniques or modifications to it, please share this as well.

Have you tried clicking the “Talk to Us” link at the bottom of the article?