DLink IP Camera not Working

So this past Saturday, our team broke our Axis M1013. So as a replacement we got the DLink DCS-930l](http://us.dlink.com/products/home-solutions/day-only-wi-fi-camera-dcs-930l/) .I have it configured to and I can access it through the robot WIFI. We are using GRIP on the roboRIO in Java. The problem is that when we try to use the URL: FRC:[email protected]:8080/mjpeg.cgi in our code, the driverstation says “WARNING: Axis Camera: “”: received 403 Forbidden response (HttpUtil.cpp:340)”. Is there a way to solve this?

Did you configure the camera’s HTTP port to 8080 (Setup->Network Setup)? I think it defaults to 80.

I will try that tomorrow when I can get my hands on the robot again.