Our D-link is not communicating with our driver station. Firewalls are down, IP’s are set correctly, Subnet Mask is 255-0-0-0 as it should be for driving - the D-link shows up - I can connect to it - but the diver station never registers a bridge and cant communicate with the robot. It was just working a few days ago.

I am going to re-image the d-link but before I do so I was wondering anyone had any other ideas as to what it could be.


Where does it show up, and how do you connect to it? If it’s at the proper address (e.g., the Driver Station should be able to detect it.

Make sure that the IP address of your laptop, D-link, and cRIO are all different. Another possibility is that the wire between the cRIO and the Dlink is bad, or possibly you need to reimage your cRIO (if you have not already done so this year).
One problem our team ran into a few years ago is that the school started blocking our 2.4 gHz. wi-fi signal. Try switching to 5 gHz (if your computer can run that) and see if that works. (just flip the switch on the D-link, computer should change automatically).